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Creative – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Department Creative
Employment Type Full time

Fast Horse is seeking a copywriter who brings a special blend of big, disruptive thinking and dialed-in, writing craft to our modern integrated agency. Your egoless and collaborative approach meshes well with all types of creative thinkers and disciplines—from design, experiential, social, digital, PR and more. You’re never short on ideas and always open to building upon someone else’s. And no matter what the assignment, you get genuinely psyched about exploring the possibilities.

Other required qualifications:

  • A portfolio that demonstrates versatility. Smart to funny. Pithy to long-form. Broadcast to social. Ads to experiences.
  • Recognition from award shows and beyond. In addition to results, your work generates cultural talk value.
  • A presentation style as persuasive as your copy. And a comfort level presenting to small and large groups.
  • A healthy dose of optimism and humor is your sidekick wherever you go.
  • Minimum 3 years experience in an agency setting.
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    Minneapolis, Minnesota
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    Full time
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